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Hi Everyone,


I hope this note finds you all well and not suffering too much with the situation regarding Coronavirus.


It is with the greatest of regret and I’m sure to no-one’s surprise that like almost all other sporting activities our season has been suspended before it’s even begun due to being deemed ‘non-essential’.  We rely on medical cover to be present at all of our events which would not be available in the current climate, plus there is also the risk of any accident which may result in hospital attention being needed which would be particularly inappropriate as the NHS has more than enough on their hands as it is.


It has been difficult to compile an event schedule for the coming season for one reason or another, a lot of uncertainty is surrounding the sport at the moment, all we can do is have everything ready to go for if and when the situation improves and a ‘go-ahead’ is finally given. If you have posted payment for your 2020 membership I can confirm that this will not be banked due to the situation.


We are obviously disappointed that things have turned out this way but we have to be responsible and you, your family, friends, our team/helpers and the public’s health and well being is our number one priority and we would not want to put anyone at risk.


Like everyone we will be monitoring the situation and will update as soon as we know anything, thank you for your support.


Keep safe


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